For those of you who may not know, Burn has finally joined twitter! Be sure to tweet him lots of lovely things :)

- Olivia

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Give this ( a sign if you like guys! Not sure how much it can do, given what we know, but better than nothing!

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My brothers decided to watch Torchwood with me from the start. He knows basic names and occasional plot lines (like deaths etc).
Throughout the whole of Everything Changes, he’s either mocked the Welshness or said how sexy Ianto is and he’d turn gay for him.
I think we’re onto a winner.

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Anonymous: hi! so i tried your gif tutorial but when i load the files into stacks it doesn't work and a message pops up "windows does not have a constructor" could you possibly help?? :(

Hey. This happens to me too for some reason and so I make my gifs in an alternate way to the ‘load files into stacks’. I have a tutorial here, hope it helps you lovely. :)

- Phoebe.

Or try this tutorial  :)


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Anonymous: could you gif the scene in 3.03 where Ianto says like "one day im going to die of old age" then put the scene of him dying next to it?

Wow Satan. Yes, yes I can :P


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Anonymous: Can you gif the scene in Meat where Gwen shouts "I catch aliens", when she's fighting with Rhys?

Yeah! :)

- jess

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