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Anonymous: Wait, in the miracle day #1 ep, does the guard of the records die or not after being shot?

I think he does die because the building gets blown up? I’m not sure though seeing as the person who blew the place up was at the middle of the blast, and he didn’t die at all, he just got very burned.

- jess

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Burn Gorman does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! AND he nominated Eve!

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what did you guys think of the new doctor who episode??? i loved it!!!

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So, who’s waiting for a Torchwood reference this series of Doctor Who?

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So we’ve now added the following tags:

janto - jack x ianto

gwack - gwen x jack

towen - tosh x owen

gwhys - gwen x rhys

carper - owen x gwen

Which seem to be the most popular ships. We need to know the names of any other ships (Owen x Diane, Gwen x Tosh, Ianto x Owen etc) Anymore ships you’d like to see?

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