If you’re not watching the common wealth games opening ceremony, I wasn’t very interested either till a wild John Barrowman appeared dancing and singing on a truck, then proceeded to have a quick make out session with a guy dancer. He’s now dancing with tea cakes, a worm, taking selfies and in a purple suit.
I don’t know what’s going on but I approve.

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everybodyhasalittledirtylaundry: I have a question that has really stumped me. In S1E4 of DW we see Tosh posing as a medic to cover for Owen which she says in S2E13 of Torchwood, but Jack didn't meet the Doctor until S1E9 of DW. So how did Tosh get sent to do the autopsy by Jack?

In ‘Exit Wounds’, we know that Owen couldn’t because he had a hangover. And also, Jacks timeline is completely unrelative. In ‘Fragments’, it was revealed he was teleported by his strap to (I think around) 200ish years before 2006 (when he’d know The Doctor would stop off in Earth because of Rose) he teleported at the end of the episode ‘Parting Of The Ways’ to follow The Doctor as he’d left him behind and had to wait all that time to see The Doctor again. Jack had already established/taken over Torchwood, before ‘Utopia’ (as he left his team at the end of ‘End Of Days’) but technically after ‘Parting Of The Ways’ - Does that make sense? He’d already met the Doctor when he took over Torchwood!


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Anonymous: I was wondering if you could post the previous icon picture you had of owen? I really liked it

We’ve changed it back to the old icon anyway! Me and Jess both agreed it matched better and personally I’m quite attached to it, haha. However it wasn’t a screencap it was just a frame from a gif, this gif:

(Well this specific shot. I don’t think this is the right gif, however it makes a good icon all the same)


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Anonymous: Do you ever think that Torchwood will come back?

This links back to this post, however, honestly? No. I don’t think so. Or if it will be a reboot probably.


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sexybeasy94: Can you post the gif of John fangirling after kissing David tenant (sorry if you have already done this)

Um this is a Torchwood blog not a Doctor Who blog :)

- jess

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So, Jack asked me if I could get you a UNIT cap to wear.

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ianto + coloured shirts

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lunasherlockgrangerholmes: Can you please gif the scene in Reset where Martha asks Ianto what it's like to be in a relationship with Jack (sorry if you've already done this) thanks!

I can do this for you :)

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